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The Mexican right-wing party supports McCain. The Mexican people DO NOT: ... and WE DO NOT APPRUVE Mccaine

FYI: The Mexican right-wing party supports McCain. The Mexican people DO NOT

Dear Mr. Obama,

On Tuesday, September 2nd, the head of the Mexican right-wing party known as the National Action Party (PAN, by its initials in Spanish), German Martinez, published an article on El Universal newspaper in Mexico City in which, signing as head of his party, he wrote the following:

"Obama or McCain? Preferibly whoever does not play with the North American Free Trade Agreement."

You can see it for yourself in this link to the article:

It is obvious Mr. Martinez was writing in favor of John McCain, given the fact that a few days ago a spokesperson for your campaign, Frank Sanchez, made clear to the Mexican media you are planning on revising NAFTA, something to which John McCain has opposed.

The immediate reaction of the right-wing government in Mexico was to criticize any attempt at revising NAFTA. This was said publicly by Mexican ambassador to the US, Arturo Sarukhan.

But that's not all. The same September 2nd Felipe Calderon, appointed (not elected) president of Mexico, who is a member of the PAN party, said in a radio interview that John McCain knows Mexico better than you. It's difficult to say why he said something like that considering McCain was in Mexico for just a few hours and the only places he went to were the presidential residence, a church (here he was received with protests from people who got offended with McCain's attempt at profiting politically with Mexico's religious icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe), and finally a base of the militarized police Calderon uses to repress demonstrations against his regime.

That's hardly a "better" knowledge of Mexico.

You can see what Calderon said here:

Although Calderon claimed he could not take sides with anyone, the truth is Calderon is definitely taking a stand in favor of McCain. Specially if we consider his repetition of the same message German Martinez published in regards to NAFTA: he does not want it touched.

Just for your information, Calderon and the PAN are not opposing a revision of NAFTA because they are worried about the well being of the Mexican citizens. Hardly! Calderon is worried because NAFTA has only benefited a handful of rich businessmen in Mexico, not the bulk of the population. These businessmen are the richest people in Mexico, and they are the ones who put Calderon in office even though Calderon and the PAN party comitted an electoral fraud in the presidential elections of 2006 (imagine Florida in 2000, only 100 times worse).

Calderon knows that if he loses the support of these businessmen, he won't be able to stay in office for long, as he does not have popular support--in fact last Saturday, Agust 30, thousands of people marched in Mexico City to protest against the increasing crime rate, and they even asked for Calderon's resignation. Your running mate, Joe Biden, knows perfectly well how corruption in Mexico has hiked up the crime rate.

You know perfectly well NAFTA has not benefited neither Mexico nor the US. Since NAFTA, illegal migration from Mexico to the USA has increased, and the USA has lost many jobs. You know perfectly well NAFTA MUST be revised. And Calderon must deal with this even if he doesn't like it.

Now, just keep this in mind: you are being smeared by John McCain and the republicans. In a recent smear TV spot the McCain camp said you were "dangerously" inexperienced. Want to know who used the "danger" smear tactic in the Mexican presidential election of 2006? It was Felipe Calderon, who lied to the Mexican voters by accusing the left-wing candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, of being a "danger to Mexico." Calderon did this because he was desperate and he knew he would not win the presidential elections. But even with the smear campaign he had to resort to an electoral fraud. Is McCain following into Calderon's steps?

We, the people of Mexico, urge you not to listen to the PAN party. Focus on your campaign, treat our fellow Mexicans well, and we will ask our friends and family in the US to vote for you. We know both, Mexico and the US, are in urgent need for change. If you win the presidential elections, change will finally arrive to the White House. And we will continue to work in Mexico to restore democracy. A democracy that was destroyed in 2006 with the electoral fraud that put Calderon in office to look only for corporations and big oil interests.


Roberto Gonzalez

PS: Please take a look at the documentary "Fraude: Mexico 2006" (Fraud: Mexico 2006) opening on October 10 in Los Angeles, Denver and Phoenix on limited release. The documentary shows how the electoral fraud of 2006 in Mexico was perpetrated and it shows just what kind of people the PAN party militants are, and what interests they serve to.


Kikka Roja

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