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martes, 12 de enero de 2016






In this Jimmy Church Fade to Black interview, David Wilcock discusses the Matrix, it’s Holographic nature, and the positive intervention of Friendly Extraterrestrials on earth.



0:002016 is here man and we're moving into the future and we started off on a rocky
0:06start this past weekend with these crazy world of dance and awake lunges his
0:11right now is going around the world how does humanity
0:15population at this beautiful planet deal with all of his negativity that seems
0:21like it's raining down on us from all directions
0:24extreme hardship are about to see and learn we here on earth tend to be
0:32extremely and Illuminati Rihanna kalo they needed us in the emergency room
0:41when you're in the emergency room in your life where you and your chest tube
0:48is in there they can come up and say yes to just bring you down you want healthy
0:55people they don't want people to feel you don't want people left you don't
0:59want people to have friends that want everybody around with your boat center
1:02here in their eyes and saw the only ones to be feeling good about our allies and
1:08so here's something that I think is really for the train the spiritual
1:14discipline I think he's one of the final stages of initiation very very few
1:21people were actually there are many people who were on a spiritual path
1:25leading nailed down to some degree learning themselves self acceptance
1:30kneel down patients some degree he nailed down for giving us to some degree
1:35what about the funerals useless requires you to understand we know where it was
1:43built by intelligence and you can go through your entire life and never
1:48realize this is a maze
1:50there is actually a goal and an EZ you can get started in any currency and
1:57little rivulets what an amazing never even realize whether you are you
2:04supposed to be gone and unfortunately so many people are lured
2:09these little details in the maze where they get into things like a jack
2:15everybody wants to be like the car tested so we got social media don't know
2:22you're not by a Jones in the paradigm shift because it's happening right in
2:34front of his and I feel like every scene is there a way we can like real
2:39ourselves back in and get free centered and think about what we are not only do
2:45we 22 the planet but to our own minds because that is what negative GDP and it
2:53is just coming out in all directions mass media this past weekend david that
2:58was a dark dark weekend for everybody we're supposed to be celebrating the New
3:03Year and instead we're talking about World War three kicking off and it's
3:08frightening one they don't want to ever let go like you what's happening with
3:15course and when I see them all in need of new or used to work early neutral if
3:23you can like what's going on with the Kapaun 28 emotionally abusive
3:27relationship with domestic box and then they seem like an analogy but it
3:34actually also remarkably well because one of the things that you learn is it
3:41is photographic easy storage solution in which the personal issues each
3:46individual in the cooler so he's not just tasteless nemesis did we ever go to
3:56go after they've done a brilliant job
4:00soldiers who are fighting now turning against each other we can all people in
4:05this community will she will write anything that happens all the time
4:13in-fighting that's what they want they don't want you didn't really do work
4:24together because they're afraid for their lives and so is he and then
4:31working as a team for thousands of years pursuing this cold winter day in their
4:37ruling just call it illegal to have a good life and the rest of us down on
4:42your knees that's what they want and they want to be there serves now that's
4:48not a good warm fuzzy like the heater to get back to our analogy of the domestic
4:54violence minute that's what happens in a domestic violence relationship that's
4:59what happens when you are in a relationship with a sociopath person
5:02wants to call your access to the social interaction so that you are constantly
5:09under their control and so what's happening in order for somebody get out
5:15of a relationship that you have to have the resources to yourself to break free
5:21you have to get a breather enough time to breathe so you can actually figure
5:25out what's happening is the deal having to do more and more of these and these
5:32issues and fear-mongering getting behind these you mentioned in the first half of
5:40this hollywood here when people are taking place so we don't want to die
5:45from heat is just really cure legend something's wrong right
5:49getting the high street drugs and terrorism and stealing our money they're
5:58not getting the payoff to be used to because there is a vast international
6:02alliance working against them and one of the reasons Jimmy why I voluntarily
6:07passed up the opportunity to show by myself is because I don't know enough to
6:14know the latest greatest inside Intel because I've just been working for three
6:19you stories she's so fast that you have to constantly be talking to insiders
6:26let me give you one example last week with top security personnel for driving
6:34down the road and this car drives in their own coming late collision with the
6:40top of her security team and they all right and no vehicle right so what are
6:49they gonna do they're gonna pick the most burned out looking for CDs on
6:54another and he tripped over the entire know what happened to inconvenience it's
7:01too indeed the full organize our security just so happen to you in a
7:07head-on collision the Auburn today what were they going to say what would be
7:12going to release did they think that they had it covered that nobody knew
7:17that they were to do this right that's the kind of questions we have to be
7:21asking you to look at the Western media and you know of course know the answer
7:29already leaking like a sieve that's right and and where is the responsible
7:35journalists to report on this effectively not only with Hillary our
7:41relationship with the real where is that responsible guy or gal is willing to
7:49just go out there and put themselves because that's the way effective
7:54reporting needs to be in a six-figure an episode tells doesn't exist in stuff
8:02like what you're going to get it talk radio like what we're doing everything
8:06out of Stanford news you know and when you speak not only on the show 90 you
8:11get lots of feedback and you've got to know him but we do you speak out in
8:16public with you go out there and speak how much feedback to you get better in
8:21depends what they come up to go to exactly right exactly right because that
8:26is where the message gets out it gets out speaking live in public shows like
8:30this but it's not going to happen on CNN you know so I can happen on Fox it
8:36happens right here right now
8:38the other part about that is I think box in just one of the three letter networks
8:44would be shocked if they knew how large are audience was and how much people
8:50care and listen he would be shocked it would they wouldn't believe the numbers
8:55there are certain talk radio towns there to see who they are but they had such a
9:01massive masses have so much money and no idea what to do and then going into the
9:08game and I heard this morning
9:10literally millions of month that he doesn't know what that the dude do I
9:15invested well then the best wants to i buy gold but then somebody could steal
9:19it is even my show was good disclosure we have a natural proof that there's
9:27more people are watching CNN
9:30that's right so we're not anywhere near the truth and they're willing to go way
9:38back to the world as technology for communication and we have two years
9:42because the truth is sweeter and they don't want to drink motor well I want to
9:48drink something nice and this is actually something that increases your
9:53makes you feel better
9:54totally totally and I had said and you probably read this I posted last week
10:00and I know I was having like a kumbaya moment but what I had said everybody it
10:06going into 2016 collectively you know if we just are just a little bit better a
10:13little bit
10:14a steer a little bit nicer one step at a time he can beat this thing we have to
10:23clarify why you're correct
10:26remember what I said before I'm trying to do the structure that we can keep
10:30referring back to throughout the show so I mentioned the idea what I'm talking
10:36about when they see in these things is what I mean is that a reserve is
10:40controlling us and if you look at the number of the dollar and stock number it
10:44would be so she's not talking about I'm not talking to
10:47media's line I'm not talking about the fact that she's cable channels and
10:54newspapers and everybody knows everybody who's this year old you gonna get a
11:00certain price goes on these securities they are saying we're in a physical
11:09it is a collision in which the issues that we face issues first and their
11:18projections the psychological cycle spiritual issues each of us has to go
11:24through a process to get right to the media said that while he winner cells
11:32and that is not just everything everything that is very seriously and
11:41again my favorite way to do that is to newsnight issues of common peace and
11:49percent reduction in the neck started when I read our show anyway what he is
12:06going down and down the amount of domestic violence is going down and down
12:17becoming more and more of us so people who are actually getting better it's the
12:24people on the extreme intergenerational CT Nicole she's really good school and
12:31if you can believe that there's a Luciferian running the world to me
12:39forget about religions inches defeated Anna and told us that we're losing and
12:46told us that there's a positive happy ending to this because your spiritual
12:522010 are vastly dreams through this whole transition see then we could ever
12:59do with any type of grass roots campaign on the internet people occupying
13:04buildings and stuff we do require
13:08to get through this because you understand even though I did stop is
13:14there is no way to stand up to them military-industrial complex there is
13:20only possibility of collaboration with the greater teams out there then you
13:26have to realize right I didn't know I thought that was known since I left then
13:34we walked out my backyard one day and there's this gigantic feels like you're
13:41like ok so once you understand that these people had not allowed us to know
13:49that we are not ready to meet reason we can do free energy out of the women who
13:59need for cognition season doesn't begin to me
14:02reason why they don't want us to know is it these people here to help us that's
14:09why UFOs are seen over nuclear missile installations and is it there have been
14:17multiple pieces of UFOs completely melted down nuclear nuclear missiles
14:26different weapon on the rock is not a new because the ET's will not happen to
14:34seasonally Steve and that's really stepped up its been going on ever since
14:38the development I find it strange that there's been a multitude of guys in the
14:45pentagon that it wanted to use tactical nuclear weapons yet many many including
14:51and didn't there's a reason for that there is an intervention I can't explain
14:57it any other way because the opportunities were there could you
15:01imagine the war room at the pentagon the argument let's go you know
15:05dude is now and they can't we're living in the living in their own people and
15:13the negatives any more powerful than what we doing be ready man negatively
15:21and so is we collect


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